Praise for the Book

“Melissa Wardy’s book reads like a conversation with a smart, wise, funny friend; one who dispenses fabulous advice on raising a strong, healthy, full-of-awesome girl.”  —Peggy Orenstein, author, Cinderella Ate My Daughter

“This eye-opening tome is an absolute must-read.” —Publishers Weeklystarred review

“While there are other books on this topic, this one focuses heavily and extremely helpfully on the everyday issues that parents must face while raising girls in a culture that makes them grow up too soon, targeting them with media and products that undermine healthy emotional, physical and intellectual development by telling little girls that they should be beautiful and sexy above all else” -Lori Day, educational psychologist and author, “Her Next Chapter”

“Melissa Wardy’s new book Redefining Girly is destined to become a go-to handbook for parents and guardians raising girls. I wish it had been available ten years ago when I started raising my oldest daughter. The book combines actionable tips with highly relatable stories and insights. Although the subject matter is substantial, the book reads quickly, allowing the readers to digest the material easily. Whether you are new to the girl empowerment movement or a well-researched expert, Redefining Girly is a valuable addition to your parenting library.” -Carrie Goldman, author “Bullied”